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"You can achieve anything you visualize". How?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

"There were things I wanted to change in my life, I thought of them as they should be, I visualized them in my mind, and one day they started to happen.".

This is the common idea of new age "Think and let it happens" techniques. This is also a questionable approach for the people of the last fifty years who had to think too much, in a time of unlimited resources and the most uncontrolled information sharing in human history.

We are perhaps the generation that has had to think the most in human history.

Naturally, we question this "think, visualize, see, it will happen" approach. We think and feel, "Come on, it can't be that easy." We approach the stories and experiences conveyed to us with question, thinking, no, look, there are people who do this. This is the main problem anyway. We live in such a dense, chaotic, uninterrupted data transfer environment that our thought and decision mechanisms are paralyzed, tired and inadequate.

I think the confusion regarding this issue is most beneficial to those who prepare books and provide training on this subject. Because they experience the financial gain of a never-ending search, a search for a way out in an extremely chaotic environment.

Let's start with the assumption that they are telling the truth.

We have to:

  • Know about our own personal positive and negative thoughts

  • Go beyond the first scene of that negative thoughts consisted

  • Find the new scenes with new sentences and moves to change them

  • Change them with new positive scenes

  • Find our new ideal world, what do we want now to become real

  • Visualize it

Let the questions come: "How?"

Since the human brain works with the neural networks it has created in the light of the events and experiences that have occurred throughout life and the information acquired, how will it detect the new neural network that needs to be formed? Is it possible to create seemingly positive scenes that could negatively affect different points within a single scene?

Let's say the new positive experience imaginary scene we want to create will not cause any harm, how will we achieve this? Don't we need positive experience and knowledge of what is positive in order to create the new scene? Since we are not equipped with the knowledge of things that will be useful, do we really have the ability to go back in time, eliminate by saying "this is bad for me" and replace it with scenes where we can say "this is good for me"?

Experts do not say, "This is a specialist job; you cannot do it yourself." On the contrary, they say, "Follow these paths and you will succeed." Let's suppose someone came out and said: "What has been told so far is the path itself, but humanity has not been able to achieve this personally, the support of experts is absolutely necessary." We have things we have watched and read about family constellation experiences. We see here that there are those who tell about their experiences and there is a guide as to what this may affect. It also gives information about what can be done according to this guidance. How can we be convinced that the speaker on this subject is competent, sufficient, correct, useful?

will be continued...


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